Family Survey Results


Results from our 2017 Family Survey

Please check the three areas you are most satisfied with:

Children being infused with a desire to learn and learn some more.


The children developing the independence to explore with curiosity.


Families being encouraged to become involved as an integral part of the educational process.


The quality and caring of the teaching staff


My child’s education, growth and development.

59.26% 16

The recognition of my children’s unique individualities, interests, and needs.

37.04% 10

Family thoughts, in their own words….

  • I like the people at the school, the other families, the diversity, the amazing activities from both the teachers and the outside specialists, and the child-led play and instruction.
  • Great teachers, students drop off and pick up all around same time, curriculum based on children’s curiosity and interest
  • Caring and patient teachers. Play-based learning. Creativity in lesson plans and activities – often child lead or expanded upon.
  • We love that the children have plenty of free play and time outside, and we are happy that they do exciting age appropriate learning about topics they are curious about.
  • Social skills development
  • Child safety and outdoor playtime
  • I feel that the teachers love my child as much as I do! (Well, very close!)
  • The teachers are amazing and very professional and nurturing. They truly care about the children and are highly motivated. The coop feels like a family not just a daycare/preschool.
  • My child has grown more independence and achieving more tasks on her own since school started for her. She’s become speaking more fluently. She is still very shy perhaps still not entirely involving herself into all the group activities but I think she is observing and absorbing.
  • Learning process
  • Thoughtful and unobtrusive introduction to academics at an early age – going outside twice a day and Spanish
  • I like the different learning activities that my child is exposed to in his class such as the art projects, movement, and Spanish.
  • I like that the staff are caring and full of love, and the director responds to parents’ concerns very quickly. My child has learned a lot in the school, not only academic learning, but also social development.
  • My child comes home excited to share about the things she has learned in class. I enjoy the amount of special programming. I am happy that the children are giving the opportunity to share what they want to learn and be involved in the curriculum and learning process.
  • His teachers listen to his needs and wants and use that to help develop the curriculum.
  • Super nice and professional teachers
  • We love that our child is in such a nurturing environment. The teachers seem to truly care, not only about his safety and education, but about him.
  • His excitement to see his friends
  • We especially love the caring and thoughtful teachers who work so hard to create a classroom environment where children feel safe and loved and are learning all the time.
  • Staff is encouraging and attentive to my child great activities lots of outdoor play
  • Our child is developing friendships, learning about other people and cultures, learning about his role in a healthy and positive world, developing an interest in learning.
  • The focus on independence, creative classroom projects, commitment to the care of my child
  • Love the teachers! Good teachers make all the difference.
  • Teachers seem to be very attentive and caring. Also the emphasis on independence in responsibility and play.
  • 1) Diversity of race, culture, gender 2) The blog – I can see what is taking place each day 3) Kind and caring teaching staff with lots of communication
  • My child is safe and happy and is learning a lot. Activities seem to interest my child.
  • We feel that the teachers have been very professional and are able to voice concerns they have about our child in an appropriate manner.
  • I like that my child’s teachers and the director are very responsive.
  • YES! The teachers are great! Always there when you need them. It’s wonderful that you can contact via email or in person.
  • Both of the teachers are fantastic. They are loving, kind, encouraging, firm, and very creative.
  • They really seem to care for my child and enjoy working with children. They seem so patient and loving with the children. They have been very responsive and attentive to any concerns we have for our child.
  • I feel both my child’s teachers are incredibly kind, patient, skilled, and do an excellent job of bonding with the students so they want to cooperate and please. The classroom always feels happy and peaceful when I walk in.
  • Our teachers are enthusiastic and seem to have positive and caring relationships with the children.
  • Completely down to earth and tuned into my child. They truly know her!!
  • Teachers are amazing! They are very competent, motivated, nurturing, professional. They communicate with us very well. I never feel out of the loop.
  • My child’s teachers are attentive to her needs and they are helping Isabel to develop her independence and building her comfort level in a large group.
  • My child’s teachers are very good at guiding child in learning and respond to kids’ own interests. The teachers are easy for communication.
  • My child’s teacher is amazing. She is responsive, available and even when providing feedback on our child does it in a professional manner. She has told us concerns she was about our child and how we can help at home.
  • They are both wonderful at communicating with us and talking with us about our child.
  • The teachers are energetic and encouraging. They communicate the positive and negative about my child’s day and seem to really appreciate his unique personality.
  • The teachers are so thoughtful in how they have set up the classroom environment and how they choose activities for the children, building off their interests. I am so impressed with their work and I think the Coop is so lucky to have such highly-experienced teachers working here.
  • Teachers make time for us whenever needed, which is greatly appreciated. Provide comments when needed and work to address any concerns.
  • This is our first child moving through new developmental stages with us for the first time. From an intellectual place, we are very happy and proud of progress. He is very polite and caring with intermittent challenges of sharing space and things with others. He also has a younger sibling who is challenging him in new ways as he grows too. We are currently approaching new and more complex topics, as he asks about life and death and things that he observes in the world. We continue to look for assistance with approaching important and sensitive topics in the best possible way.
  • Email communication has been very helpful. The daily blog updates have been informative.
  • We will miss the bubble of the cooperative school when our child moves on to kindergarten.