Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Policy

 The Sharon Cooperative School is a non-profit preschool committed to offering an affordable preschool education. All tuition collected is applied directly to the cost of staff, equipment, supplies and other daily operational expenses. Tuition charged is based on the cost of educating and caring for all students enrolled.

Within the constraints of our limited resources, we are committed to providing tuition assistance to qualifying families in need of financial support. For consideration for financial assistance, the school requires that families first apply for tuition assistance and receive a letter of eligibility from the State of Massachusetts.

A finite amount of assistance is made possible through the efforts of the school’s fundraising committee. The Board of Directors oversees these funds and makes needs-based assistance awards on a first come first served basis. To apply for assistance from our school, applicants must complete and return the Tuition Assistance Request Form attached to the determination of eligibility letter received from the State in a sealed envelope marked “Executive Director”. Only when your application is received in full, will your request be considered.

Only the Executive Director will know the identity of the applicants for assistance. The Executive Director using the documentation provided along with the required copy of the letter determination a family receives from the state will present requests for consideration for tuition assistance to the school’s Board of Directors for review. Full confidentiality will be maintained at all times.


  • Families enrolled in the school are eligible to apply for tuition assistance.
  • Students who have been accepted to the school are eligible to apply for tuition assistance and should return the financial assistance form with the determination of eligibility letter with their enrollment paperwork.
  • The determination of eligibility letter from the state of Massachusetts is required. Please see for details.
  • Thoroughly completed applications for assistance must be submitted with the enrollment paperwork for consideration. Applications for assistance received after the enrollment paperwork deadline has passed or applications for enrollment accompanied by requests for assistance received after the beginning of the school year will be reviewed and considered for any remaining funds.
  • Families with tuition in arrears for the current year may apply for assistance for the following school year. Consideration of this request will not be made until tuition full for the current year is paid in full.
  • It is necessary to reapply for tuition assistance each year. If you are a current recipient, it will not be assumed that you will need assistance again unless you reapply at the time of enrollment.


  • Upon receipt of your complete application, the Executive Director will review the file and present it with a recommendation for consideration to the Board of  Directors at their next meeting. Full confidentiality will be maintained at all times. In some cases the committee may request further information or clarification from a family.
  • Written notification reflecting the board’s decision will be sent to the requesting family. If requests can be accommodated tuition contracts will be accompany this notification.
  • Families may request in writing a meeting with the Executive Director if their financial situation has changed since the time of enrollment and there is an unexpected need for assistance. We expect families requesting assistance to consider their tuition responsibility to the school a priority. The Board of Directors would truly appreciate the full payment of every tuition bill when possible. We are a small school, which budgets for all the programs based on a commitment by families when enrolling their children. The school has limited funds by which it can offer tuition assistance.