I attended one of the Walden Forums in December entitled: “Freedom to Learn: The Roles of Free Play and Exploration in Children’s Education and Development. It was given by an expert on play, Peter Gray. Here are some thoughts I took away from the presentation: For children, play is crucial for developing emotional competence. Play, in… Continue Reading Play

Family Dinner is Important

Here at the Cooperative School we work and play and learn together in a large extended family atmosphere. Teachers, parents, children together creating a place where children and families can learn to grow and learn together. One of the parts of the day we love most is snack time – who doesn’t? The teachers and… Continue Reading Family Dinner is Important

The 25 Most Important Manners

I recently posted this on our Facebook page and saw it immediately reposted on several parents’ profiles. It must resonate with some people. Here at the Coop we always try to remember to Think About The Needs of Others.  Learning to empathize, to see others’ views and recognize their feelings is important. These manners go… Continue Reading The 25 Most Important Manners

Doing what you are passionate about

I had a great conversation at pick up the other day with a couple whose son comes to the school this year. As with all great conversations, I could not remember how it started but somehow we were talking about my two children who both attended the Cooperative School many years ago. I was describing… Continue Reading Doing what you are passionate about

Digging in the Sand

The children love the sand, making us delicious dishes, ice cream treats and even baby soup (last summer’s specialty?!). We often see wonderful cooperative play with small and large groups of children working together to create a common vision.