Summer Program

We are excited to announce that  Complete Indoor Sports will be coming to play with us this summer! They will host activities that will focus on skill building, self confidence, motivation and cooperative teamwork through sport activities.

Come play with us this summer!


We had the best summer ever at the Cooperative School in 2017! We have the ability to really individualize the activities and experiences for all of the children, from those who are new to school to those who we know well and are entering kindergarten. We notice how well the children play together, creating all sorts of different kinds of opportunities and welcoming all different ages into their play. The feeling is joyful, free spirited, generous and above all fun!
We offer a great opportunity here that can be flexibly scheduled to meet your needs and above all else meet and exceed the needs and interests of your children.


Summer Program Enrollment:   

  • Children 3 years up to first grade are welcome to enroll.
  • Children from other programs and outside of our currently enrolled families are welcome to join us for the summer.

The Daily Schedule will follow the same routine as our school year program with some extra water fun splashed in!

  • Children may arrive between 7:20 AM and 9:00 AM and stay until 5:45 PM if they are staying all day.
  • Children may arrive between 7:20 AM and 9:00 AM and stay until 12:30 PM if they are staying half day.

Depending upon on enrollment, we will offer classes divided by age.

  • The minimum schedule is 3 half days and 4 weeks.
  • Scheduled days must remain consistent as well.
  • You may enroll for the four to eight weeks of your choosing and four weeks must be contiguous.

The Summer Program has a complete schedule of developmentally appropriate activities backed by an emergent curriculum that is developed and taught by each teaching team. Our Summer Program is always open to new friends who want to learn and play in July and/or August.

We will publish a daily blogpost during rest describing the children’s day. The weekly curriculum and daily activities will also be posted on the classroom blog. Every day each child comes to school already dressed in a bathing suit with play clothes over it, sunscreened and ready to learn and play. Each morning, you will bring a beach bag with a beach towel and a full change of clothes including underwear, a second bathing suit and a set of shoes and socks so children can be comfortable during the day.

And as with the school year, we welcome you in the classroom anytime – announced or unannounced! Mystery readers, special visitors to share a talent, hobby or Popsicle or fruit treats are always welcome! The school will provide two snacks a day and the menu will be posted on the refrigerator. You provide your child’s lunch.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Abigail at 781-784-2966 or