20 Questions

I just shared these 20 questions with the Coop educators. NAEYC recommends that educators consider these 20 questions every day. Compare this list with a list from other professions you might know about….it is amazing what educators keep track of and think about every day. Thank you to our amazing educators for doing all of this and… Continue Reading 20 Questions

Changing the Game and Making it Better

As we end one school year and start a new summer program and school year, my thoughts are on what worked and how we can continue to assess and improve to meet the needs of our newest and youngest students and families. This year the educators of the Cooperative School spent a lot of time… Continue Reading Changing the Game and Making it Better

Doing what you are passionate about

I had a great conversation at pick up the other day with a couple whose son comes to the school this year. As with all great conversations, I could not remember how it started but somehow we were talking about my two children who both attended the Cooperative School many years ago. I was describing… Continue Reading Doing what you are passionate about