Being Kind

The Sharon Cooperative School is taking on The Kindness Challenge! We are looking for ways to express kindness to each other in and out of the classrooms, between families and teachers and extending out from our Cooperative School into our own communities. We all know what goes around comes around!

As we challenge ourselves, we challenge you to Be Kind

  • Smile and say hi to everyone you see each morning
  • Write a nice note to a teacher
  • Assume good intent and share it
  • Volunteer to come into the classroom and play
  • Compliment 5 people each day on small things
  • Introduce yourself to someone new
  • Write a positive comment on the classroom blog
  • Make a new friend
  • Tell a joke and make someone laugh
  • Learn something new about your child’s teacher
  • Help another family
  • Be good to yourself so you can be good to others
  • Volunteer to do something helpful for the school
  • Make up your own kind deed!

Author: Gail Ader

Early childhood education is my passion and I have worked in this field since 1998, first as a teacher and then as an administrator. Child centered learning in a supportive and developmentally appropriate setting is the key to high quality programs. As the Executive Director at the Cooperative Learning Community my focus is on supporting my team so that they can focus on their children and families.