Out of many, One

The Sharon Cooperative School is proud to provide an inclusive environment and aims for its children to become curious, thoughtful and active learners who think about the needs of others. 

In pursuit of this mission, we believe that our strength is derived from our deep commitment to diversity of opinion, experience and background.  We actively seek to learn from each other and celebrate the multitude of cultures, religions and national origins that comprise our community. 

With these values in mind, the Coop community stands united in opposition to any efforts causing anxiety, pain, and anguish throughout our country and across the world, and we commit to helping and supporting our community members within our means. 

It is often said that if you want to see the future, look to our children. In that light, our Coop family asks all people, from our elected officials to refugees and immigrants around the world, striving for a better future, to listen to our children and our nation’s motto: Out of many, one. 


The Board of Directors of The Sharon Cooperative School               January 31, 2017