Preschool Screenings


The Sharon Public Schools Early Childhood Team offers preschool screening for Sharon residents who are three to five years of age. This cost-free screening takes place at The Children’s Center at Sharon Middle School on designated Wednesday mornings throughout the school year.

Preschool screening is used as a first step in identifying children that may need special education services before kindergarten. Children are screened in the following areas of development: speech and language, fine motor/gross motor, concepts. Preschool screening is not a kindergarten readiness screening and should not be used to determine if a child is “ready” for kindergarten.

Parents may call Amy Steinberg at 781-784-1594 to make an appointment or ask questions about the screening process.

Preschool Screening is currently scheduled for October 25, 2017; November 15, 2017; January 17, 2018; and March 21, 2018.