Preschool Screenings


The Sharon Public Schools Early Childhood Team offers preschool screening for Sharon residents who are three to five years of age. This cost-free screening takes place at The Children’s Center at Sharon Middle School on designated Wednesday mornings throughout the school year.

Preschool screening is used as a first step in identifying children that may need special education services before kindergarten. Children are screened in the following areas of development: speech and language, fine motor/gross motor, concepts. Preschool screening is not a kindergarten readiness screening and should not be used to determine if a child is “ready” for kindergarten.

Parents may call Amy Steinberg at 781-784-1594 to make an appointment or ask questions about the screening process.

Preschool Screening is currently scheduled for October 25, 2017; November 15, 2017; January 17, 2018; and March 21, 2018.

Author: Gail Ader

Early childhood education is my passion and I have worked in this field since 1998, first as a teacher and then as an administrator. Child centered learning in a supportive and developmentally appropriate setting is the key to high quality programs. As the Executive Director at the Cooperative Learning Community my focus is on supporting my team so that they can focus on their children and families.