Part 2 of 3: Learning Without Tears – Top to Bottom Writing

We have great relationships within the Sharon Public School system and each year, we do our best to connect with teachers to discuss a variety of topics.  This past year, we discussed how important it is for children to learn to write their letters starting at the top

            “English is a top-to-bottom, left-to-to right language.  The top-to bottom habit is the secret to handwriting success.  Children who start letters at the top will develop speed and neatness.  Those who start from the bottom will struggle to write.  Often, we judge a young child’s writing only by how the letters look.  However, habits are more important the look of the letters.  Wobbly, skinny or fat letters are not worrisome, but letters that start from the bottom are.”  (Get Set For School, p114)

Pictured is the alphabet with the terminology that we use while teaching the children to start at the top. When you practice writing at home, please help your child by making sure that they start their letters at the top!

Author: Gail Ader

Early childhood education is my passion and I have worked in this field since 1998, first as a teacher and then as an administrator. Child centered learning in a supportive and developmentally appropriate setting is the key to high quality programs. As the Executive Director at the Cooperative Learning Community my focus is on supporting my team so that they can focus on their children and families.