The Bees are Buzzing

From Sarah Whitmarsh, Lead Teacher, Cooperative Nature School

The Bees are still buzzing!

Many things in our daily lives are not business as usual. Things are changing and there is much uncertainty as to when things will return to normal. With all this going on things may seem a little chaotic and our anxiety is definitely heightened. There is a place close by that has remained unchanged. It is providing signs of hope and a calming sense that life is continuing as normal.

In the woods Nature is showing signs of Spring. It is a comforting feeling of hope and new beginnings. The birds are returning and singing beautiful songs. The frogs have woken and begun to search for a mate (no social distancing there!). I have seen bees buzzing, birds building and frogs hopping all over the woods. The smells and sounds transform all the daily chaos to calm. All the worry and anxiety slowly slip away as your world transforms to the comforting predictability of emerging Spring.

Your children are most likely feeling vulnerable and maybe even a little scared. There is little they can control in this new reality and we all have seen the effects of this. Children will be searching for opportunities to feel ‘in control’ in this chaos. This may turn into power struggles over things like brushing teeth or bedtime routines. In nature we can shift much of the control over to the children by allowing them to choose the route or what we stop and look at. Your child may be able to teach you something new and that is a great confidence booster!

I would love for our whole coop community to join me in a Spring Scavenger Hunt! So far I have found a toad, a bird’s egg, ducks and geese, a few budding trees, a bird nest, skunk cabbage, some tracks in the mud and some scat. What will you find on your adventure? Share your finds with us all.

‘Till our next adventure,

Sarah Whitmarsh, Lead Teacher, Cooperative Nature School

I would like to suggest trying the trails behind Bass Pro Shop in Foxboro. It is a short 1⁄2 mile loop that is stroller friendly.

Author: Gail Ader

Early childhood education is my passion and I have worked in this field since 1998, first as a teacher and then as an administrator. Child centered learning in a supportive and developmentally appropriate setting is the key to high quality programs. As the Executive Director at the Cooperative Learning Community my focus is on supporting my team so that they can focus on their children and families.