Children’s Assessments

Children’s Assessments

Our assessment process begins with the Family Welcome questionnaires we give families to complete before school begins that provide information that allows us to get to know you and your child. Your feedback becomes a part of your child’s file and starts the collaborative process we seek to achieve with you.

In early winter and late spring, educators will host conferences, either in person or by phone, to review family conference forms and children’s portfolios. These assessments will be done twice a year for all children and every three months for children with special needs. Families may request a conference or meeting with their child’s educators or the Director at any time. We hope that the family conference form will represent a realistic and informative picture of your child’s progress and support the family-school partnership, as families will be invited to help set goals for their child.

The school has a number of specialists as consultants as well as a list of resources and referrals if you are interested.

Family Welcome Questionnaire


Mass. Frameworks and Guidelines

Developmental Milestones

reading for kindergarten physical for kindergarten

physical for kindergarten

numbers for kindergarten

learning and thinking for kindergarten

language for kindergarten

kindergarten prep


social emotional for kindergarten

Transitioning to kindergarten

writing for kindergarten