Parental Rights

Parental Rights

As families, before enrolling your child into our program, you have the right to meet with the Director and your child’s educator. At this meeting, you will be provided with the school’s statement of purpose, services provided; procedures for family conferences, visits and input into school policy; procedures relating to children’s records; and procedures for providing emergency health care. You will be provided the opportunity to visit your child’s classroom at this meeting or at a later date.

As parent/legal guardian you have the right to:

  1. Make unannounced visits to the school at any time while your child is present.
  2. Offer suggestions for the improvement of the school’s policies, procedures and programs. These suggestions should be made in written form and be given to the Director. If your suggestions are not adopted, you have the right to request an explanation in either verbal or written form and the school must respond to your request.
  3. A written progress report to be done periodically but at least every six months. A copy of this progress report will become a part of your child’s file and will be kept on file for a minimum of five years. For children with disabilities these progress reports will be done every three months. The progress report will be based on observations and documentation of the child’s progress in a range of activities over time and will address the domains of cognitive, social/emotional, language, fine and gross motor skills and life skills. The educator will bring special problems or significant developments to your attention as soon as they arise.
  4. Request a conference and meet with your child’s educators on an individual basis at any mutually agreeable time either in person or by phone.
  5. Access your child’s file at reasonable times. At no time shall your request be delayed more than two business days and the complete file must be presented to you. Children’s records will be kept for 5 years

Your child’s record will be treated as confidential and privileged. The school will not release or reveal information contained in a child’s file to anyone outside or unrelated to the child’s program without the written consent of a parent/guardian. The school will notify a parent if a child’s records have been subpoenaed.

If you wish any or all of your child’s records to be released to another party outside of the school, you must make this request in writing. The school will charge a reasonable fee for duplicating all or parts of your child’s records for dissemination upon receiving your written request.

The school will maintain a written log in your child’s file that lists: the name, signature, position and date of the person doing the copying; the portion of the records that were copied and disseminated; the purpose of the dissemination/release and the signature of the person to whom the information was released. This log will be available only to the child’s parents/guardians and the school will be responsible for record maintenance.

Upon request of an employee of The Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC) involved in the regulatory process, the school may make available any information required to be on file by the DEEC regulations or reasonably related to its regulations. Authorized employees of the DEEC shall not move identifying case material from the school’s premises and will maintain the confidentiality of individual records.

A copy of the DEEC regulations will be kept on the schools premises and will be made available upon request. Families may always contact the local DEEC office for a copy of the school’s regulatory compliance history.