Family Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our Annual Survey – we appreciate your praise, your constructive suggestions and creative ideas! Your responses have been shared with the educators and the Board of Directors. Here are the results; we consolidated similar answers for brevity’s sake.

The things families like – that make them feel happy about having their children in our school:

  • I like the varied curriculum that has the flexibility to follow the children’s interests.
  • All the teachers and Abigail clearly know each child so well and are so willing to work with the families to overcome any problem…so much positivity and gentle encouragement to improve in areas that are needed!
  • Knowing that the teachers have the children’s best interests on their mind.
  • The classrooms are all very clean, inviting and cheerful in the way they’re set up. All the teachers are helpful and friendly. All I have to do is see how happy both my kids are to be there.
  • Well-developed curriculum that prepares children to move onto primary school. Lots of emotional/behavioral development. Language exposure (Spanish lessons).
  • I appreciate the focus on learning being fun at this age and incorporating education in a play-based approach that recognizes what’s age appropriate, cognitively possible, and that expectations are set accordingly
  • The children are happy to go to school; the school provides routine and a great learning environment for kindergarten readiness.
  • I love the program because I feel that my child is attending a caring and supportive school where the teachers will tailor their teaching style to assist in my child’s personal development.
  • Play-based learning.
  • I love how The Sharon Coop allows children to learn by exploring their own interests and fosters their unique strengths. I have seen tremendous growth in my son’s development and independence. I like that the program focuses primarily on the social and emotional development of our children. The program also encourages families to be an important part of their child’s education. My son has made many friendships and we have developed a support network with other Coop families.
  • The teachers are very caring and help kids to adjust to new environment, teach them to be independent and care about others. There are new and different activities going on every day.
  • The teachers and director are always available for communication. The children are encouraged to participate in different learning activities.
  • I really enjoy reading the blog on a daily basis. I feel connected to my child and it helps me guide the questions/conversation when I’m trying to ask my child what she did during the day. She is happy at the school. She really enjoys going to the school and learning. She is starting letter recognition and I have seen her skills (coloring, cutting etc.) improve over the last two years.
  • My child’s teachers are very responsive and are sweet to consistently thank us for our partnership between home and school. The blog is amazing, because it makes me feel connected to what is happening at school.
  • Encouraging children to work on their own interests and co-ordination with families to involve them in the child’s education
  • Inclusion of parents, fostering individual responsibility for self and the success of others
  • The teachers clearly love all of the students and are incredibly committed to their education and learning experiences. My child has gotten much more independent, verbal, interested in reading, and curious since starting at The Coop.
  • My children have made many friends in the school, and they have the opportunity to be involved into many different kinds of activities.
  • Our child is excited to go to school every day and is growing as person socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • The staff is wonderful, the care for my child is top notch, and the nurturing community is really special.
  • Children are encouraged to be independent; Curiosity is nurtured; Teachers and staff are caring and attentive; School is safe, welcoming, diverse.
  • Have always found communication to be open, responsive, and constructive.

Creative Ideas and suggestions

  1. Expand and accept kids starting from 15 months old.
    • We love that idea, too. We will be addressing the need for more space/different space as we move through our strategic planning this year.
  2. More holidays and celebrations.
    • We have been very lucky this year to celebrate several holidays including Diwali, Hanukah, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day. We are hoping more families will offer to come in and celebrate with us.
  3. More events like the owl program, chances to meet other parents, more outdoor activities.
    • Our Events Committee has done an amazing job of creating school events this year from Bicycle Meet ups to Around the World Night to Theater performances. Check out the Events page for events already scheduled through June.
  4. Creative movement. More family projects. My first child had “homework” that got the whole family involved.
    • Our new music and movement teachers, Yadriane De Angel is a wonderful monthly addition to our programming, incorporating music, movement, Spanish and fun. Next year she will join us weekly! Yes, on the family projects, you should see more of those coming this spring.
  5. More seasonal (pumpkins, apples, snowmen) activities.
    • Our classroom activities are child-driven so if the children want to explore seasonal topics we absolutely will. Research tells us that children learn better and more deeply when they are invested in the topic being explored. Educators regularly poll children for what they want to learn about and follow their conversations to plan interesting and fun activities.
  6. I do not think all kids need to nap.
    • Not all children do nap, many just rest. Sleeping and resting provide a time for the children’s bodies to relax and for the consolidation of memory, which is essential for learning new information. During a 10-hour day, it is important for the child to have those two opportunities. Please contact your child’s teacher or Abigail if you would like to discuss your child’s rest time. We also have a great brochure on bedtime we can give you.
  7. Children should be encouraged to learn advanced skills in the beginning, for example: maybe have teachers write letters on a board and make children trace them.
    • We do this regularly in all classrooms, including the three-year-olds! We use a program called Handwriting Without Tears which allows all classrooms to teach letter formation and writing skills with a scaffolded approach.
  8. I’m concerned about playing outside in winter. In the past couple of months, children played outside on some days when it was very, very cold, which I do not think it would be good for kids’ health. I suggest the school reconsider the temperature criteria for playing outside.
    • We go outside almost every day. Our philosophy is that even ten minutes of outdoor time is worthwhile.  There is no standard guideline for when it is too hot or too cold to be outside. A sunny 20-degree day in February with no wind can feel much warmer than a 50-degree April day with wind and rain. We consider the NOAA windchill chart, the National Weather Service Child Care Weather Watch Chart as well as the Air Quality Index number when making our daily plans. Teachers will be mindful of temperature, precipitation, and wind chill. They will also consider the physical and emotional state of the children and whether they are dressed appropriately for the weather. Children will not be outside when the conditions are dangerous: thunder, lightning, hail, high winds, extreme ice or heat, etc.
  9. Make sustainability initiative more than what it currently is. Compost.
    • We are interested in hearing more about what you are looking for and would love parent involvement. Please come see us and we’ll talk.
  10. It would be great if there could be more STEM, scientific demonstrations, and exploration.
    • We can definitely do this!

Thank you again for all the good vibes! We love our families!