Program Goals and Brochure


Through child-based learning, The Sharon Cooperative School aims for its children to become curious, thoughtful and active learners who think about the needs of others. By partnering with families, the school creates a strong community that transcends the preschool years and follows students and their families throughout the course of their lives. 

This page hosts the Program Goals for the 2015-16 school year. 



The school seeks to:

  1. Infuse children with a desire to learn and learn some more.
  2. Help children develop the independence to explore with curiosity.
  3. Recognize children’s unique individualities and get out of the way to allow their learning.
  4. Develop the ability for children to advocate for their own needs and interests.



The school seeks to:

  1. Partner with families to realize each child’s potential and promote healthy parenting skills.
  2. Empower parents to become an integral part of the educational process; their involvement is actively encouraged and welcomed.
  3. Cultivate an organic network of families, creating a community linked by friendship, respect and children through participation and family events.

School Brochure 2013