Room 14 Snapshot

Room 14 is a busy group of 15 three turning four year olds. The children may look like they are playing but play is their work and they are learning at a fast pace. Teachers guide, support, and facilitate the learning going on by offering explorations, activities and projects that inspire and motivate children. This age group is not shy about telling you what they are interested in and what they want to do.

  • Tables host painting, drawing and writing, manipulatives and free art.
  • The big rug has building blocks, Handwriting without Tears, toys, cars and/or trains.
  • The free play area hosts a large box for imaginative play, small stools, a sensory table and an opportunity for children to design and plan play on their own. 
  • Teachers lead yoga poses, singing and dancing and lots of themes chosen by children.

The routine of the day allows for busy and quiet times, snacks, lunch, rest, and outside time in the morning and afternoon. We have music,, book time, and dancing! At the end of the day, children are happy, tired, usually hungry and ready for that family love!

Language Milestones: By 4, your child should be able to:

  • Say their full name and age
  • Answer simple questions about the world
  • Speak in sentences of 5 – 6 words, and speak in complete sentences
  • Be understood by most people; tell original stories; describe events and how they made them feel.

Cognitive Milestones: Your almost 4-year-old should be able to:

  • Correctly name familiar colors
  • Understand the idea of same and different
  • Pretend and fantasize creatively from their own imagination
  • Follow 3 step directions
  • Understand time better (for example, morning, afternoon, night)
  • Count and understand the concept of numbers
  • Sort objects by shape, size, and color
  • Complete age-appropriate puzzles of up to 24 pieces

Movement Milestones: Your child should be able to:

  • Walk up and down stairs, alternating feet — one foot per step
  • Kick, throw, and catch a large ball
  • Run more confidently and smoothly
  • Hop and stand on one foot for up to five seconds
  • Walk forward and backward easily
  • Bend over without falling

Hand and Finger Skills: Your child should be able to:

  • More easily handle small objects and turn book pages smoothly
  • Use age-appropriate scissors and cut on lines
  • Copy circles and squares and other simple shapes
  • Draw a person with at least four body parts
  • Write most capital letters; identify all of them
  • Dress and undress without adult help
  • Screw and unscrew jar lids, faucets; open their own lunch containers

Emotional and Social Milestones: Your child should be able to:

  • Be a kind and attentive friend; show care and concern; be respectful
  • Show affection for family and friends
  • Understand the idea of “mine” and “his/hers”; share easily
  • Show a wide range of emotions, such as being sad, angry, happy, or bored and express those emotions appropriately.

How you can help

  • Allow them to dress and undress themselves; go to the toilet by themselves; brush their own teeth
  • Expose them to print, signs, labels, encourage them to draw and write if they are interested; scribe their drawings with their stories.
  • Allow them plenty of outside time to challenge their new found strength and coordination.