School Cancellation Policy – Severe Weather

Sharon Cooperative School
School Cancellation Policy

Very occasionally, the school will need to be closed in the event of severe weather or major facility failures (heat, power, water, etc.). The decision to close the school will be made by the Executive Director. When making the decision we consider the need to be able to get children, teachers and families to school safely, keep them safe while in school and be able to evacuate safely in the event of an emergency (have a place to shelter: Sharon Public Library, Cottage Street School, etc. ).

If the Sharon Public Schools are closed:

If the Sharon Public Schools are closed, the Sharon Cooperative School will be closed. Alert notices will be put on, be sent out by email and blog post and be updated on the school’s voice mail.

If the Sharon Public Schools have a delay:

If Sharon Public Schools have a one-hour or more delay, the Cooperative School may or may not be opened dependent upon the circumstances.

  1. If the Sharon Public Schools have an hour or more delay the school will not open until after 8:30 AM due to the need to clear paths and driveways.
  2. Families are asked to please call the school at 781-784-2966 before 8:30 AM and leave a message to notify the school if your child is going to attend or not.

If the Cooperative School needs to close early:

In the event of an early closing, parents or the people designated on your Emergency Release Form will be notified by phone to come pick up your child. All families are required to have someone who can pick up quickly (under 60 minutes) in the event of an emergency.

The cooperation and understanding of all guarantees everyone’s safety, which is our first priority in times like these.