Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

for The Sharon Cooperative School


The Cooperative Nature School at The Trustees Moose Hill Farm

The Board serves both The Sharon Cooperative and The Cooperative Nature Schools and plays a vital role in supporting the Executive Director, the educators, and the school community. We are parent volunteers from both schools. We assist with marketing, fundraising, finances, HR resources and we are the keepers of the Cooperative Philosophy. Since the Sharon Cooperative School’s incorporation in 2004 as a 501c3, the Board, which includes the Executive Director as a voting member, has shaped and supported the vision and goals of the school and has been instrumental in the growth and success of the business as well as the community.

Your current parent Board members are:

TJ Freedman (2021)

T.J. Freedman joined the board in December 2018. He is a Senior Manager, Front Store Marketing Strategy for CVS Health in Wooksocket, RI.  T.J. currently chairs the Marketing Planning subcommittee and also serves on the Strategic Planning subcommittee. He is the proud parent of a current Cooperative Nature School student who will be graduating in 2019 and a soon to be student of The Cooperative School.

Meghan Graham (2020)

Meghan Graham joined the board in January 2018 and is a lecturer at Boston University in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Department, and works as a clinical speech-language pathologist in private practice in Needham, MA. Meghan is also a member of the Director Services and Strategic Planning  subcommittees. She collaborated with the board to start the Cooperative Nature School and also is focused on maintaining and improving communication between the teachers and the board. Meghan is a proud parent of a 2018 graduate and a future 2019 student.

Ilana Gotlib (2020)

Ilana Gotlib is currently a Program Director in the Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Group at DePuy Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson company, in Raynham MA.  She joined the Board in January 2018, and has spent most of her time on the opening of the Cooperative Nature School. She is also a member of the Director Services and Fundraising subcommittees.  She is the proud parent of a soon-to-be graduate of the Cooperative Nature School, and a soon-to-be-enrollee of the Sharon Cooperative School.

Jennifer Lewis (2021)

Jennifer Lewis joined the board in January 2019 and is a Senior Clinical Project Leader at Syneos Health, on assignment with Sanofi US.  Jennifer is also a member of the Finance, Strategic Planning and Events subcommittees. She is a proud parent of Madeleine (Class of 2020 Nature School) and Grayson (future Coop/ Nature School student).  Jennifer joined the board in hopes of facilitating lasting relationships between children, families, teachers and the community.

Jessica Norton (2021)

Jessica Norton joined the board in January 2019 and is the mother of Dexter (Nature School 2020) and Alden (future Coop student). She is a playwright and English teacher at Milton High School with a passion for educational practices of all ages. Jess is on the Marketing and Nature School subcommittees on the board and hopes to continue finding ways to contribute to deepen the school’s mission to serve children and their families.

Noah Oshry (2020)

Noah Oshry joined the board in January 2018 and he is the Executive Director, Corporate Planning and Operations for Arsanis, Inc. in Waltham, MA.  Noah is also a member of the Finance and Strategic Planning subcommittees. He has focused most of his board efforts on starting the Cooperative Nature School and Financial Planning and Analysis. Noah is an alumnus of the Sharon Cooperative school and the proud parent of a 2018 graduate and a 2020 future graduate.

Kate Worrall (2021)

Kate Worrall joined the board in January 2019 and is mother of Tommy (Coop Class of 2021) and Colin (future Coop student). She currently serves as Secretary of the Board and is a member of the Director Services, Governance and Events committees. Kate currently serves as Vice President at Charles Group Consulting, a small government affairs firm. She moved to Sharon to start her family three years ago and joined the board to become more involved in the Sharon community and because she believes strongly in the mission of the Cooperative schools.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas you would like to share with us, feel free to email us at

Interested in joining the Board?

Serving on the Board for The Cooperative School is a very rewarding experience as you can really make a difference for all of the children of the two schools and the community of 90 families each year. Additionally, you will gain a unique perspective into a well-established, non-profit educational organization.

The Board member term is three years with a possibility to extend in one-year increments with the approval of the Board. Almost every year the Board has vacancies and welcomes professionals from all walks of life – finance, marketing, education, legislation, HR and more. We meet monthly and communicate through email as needed. Each member serves on at least two of the subcommittees: Finance, Strategic Planning, Governance, Fundraising, Marketing, Events, The Nature School, and/or Director Services.

Here is the Board Member job description:

Role of the Board:

•     Assist the Executive Director in determining the policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of The Sharon Cooperative School and The Cooperative Nature School.

•     Ensure the fiscal stability of the organization.

•     With the Executive Director, monitor and ensure maximum organizational performance including strategic planning

•     Ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

•     Select, support, and oversee the Executive Director.

•     With the Executive Director, create and approve organizational documents such as calendars, policies and Employee and Family Handbooks.

•     With the Executive Director, oversee financial management and budgeting, manage and protect all assets of the organization

•     With the Executive Director, assist with fundraising, including grant writing, planning and hosting events, and helping to determine the best use for these fundraising proceeds.

Individual Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend all full board meetings 12 times annually, and serve on at least one subcommittee requiring approximately 3-6 additional meetings
  • Participate fully at meetings; identify challenges, facilitate constructive solutions, volunteer for tasks
  • Carry out delegated assignments promptly and report outcomes to the board
  • Oversee financial management and budgeting
  • Attend school functions as a support to staff and a resource for families
  • Recruit new families, be an ambassador to the community for the school
  • Solicit funds and community resources, participate in fundraising campaigns and open doors for others to raise funds
  • Be aware and responsive to the changing needs of families and community
  • Identify and recruit new board members; assist in orientation and mentoring
  • Put the overall goals of the organization above personal desires
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information relating to employees, volunteers, and families

To let us know that you are interested to serve on the Board, we ask that you write a letter sharing your interest and what you can offer to the school community in terms of interests and expertise. Please send your letter of interest to: or you can talk to the Executive Director to learn more about the opportunity to serve on the Board.