Caring About the Needs of Others Fund

The Sharon Cooperative School aims for its children to be curious, thoughtful and active learners who think about and serve the needs of others.

This commitment to kindness and community are the fundamentals to the Cooperative experience and we are committed to ensuring that the classrooms reflect the overall diversity of the community.

We endeavor to make the Sharon Coop a home for people of all backgrounds, challenging ourselves to be affordable without sacrificing our pursuit of excellence. We all know that participation in an early education program, such as the Coop, can be the catapult necessary for children to thrive at school.

Why contribute?

  • To provide tuition assistance to families eligible for state support, which is drastically underfunded and has a waiting list preventing many children from ever obtaining the help they need. Eligibility for state assistance here. 
  • To provide a hand up to your neighbors and provide needed peace of mind so that their children can join the Cooperative family and contribute to the richness of our community. Our Tuition Assistance Policy here.
  • Because every dollar raised will be used to grow the tuition assistance fund for current and future need.
  • Please know your donation is 100% tax deductible because we are a 501c3. Our Tax ID # is 20-0525171

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We are grateful for your support. Thank you.