Info for Incoming Families

This page hosts information for incoming families. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact Tara Volpe at the Cooperative School at or Neha Singhania at the Cooperative Nature School at

Our hours for the Summer 2021 and the School Year 2021-22 are 7:30 to 5:30 every day.

Gear List Daily/Weekly/Seasonally

As you prepare for the first day of school, here are a few things your child will need: Please note that we included links below as suggestions. These are items that past families have found useful, but anything similar will work!

  1. Each day, your child will need:
  • Two snacks (morning and afternoon) clearly labeled with your child’s name. These reusable snack bags are pretty popular at school. Please make sure your child can open whatever you send.
  • A labeled lunch box with ice packs. We ask that you include protein, fruits and vegetables, some crackers or small snacks. Please label all containers. Four to five small items to choose from in each lunch box each day are ideal. Due to allergies, no peanut, tree nut, nut or strawberry products are allowed at school.
  • A filled and labeled reusable water bottle. 
  • Utensils and napkinshint: pack 5 of each at the beginning of the week so your child doesn’t run out.
  • 3 clean masks – reusable or disposable. Used masks will be sent home to be washed and must be cleaned before being returned to school. Each mask must be labeled with your child’s name on the outside of the mask to help children know which side is which. 

2. Each week, they will need a short thin yoga mat along with a fleece blanket, a small pillow and one small stuffed animal. The thin yoga mats allow for easy manageability for children. Please enclose it in a zippered plastic or vinyl bag labeled with your child’s name. Ikea bags are available from the office for $5.

4. At the start of each season: 3 full sets of extra clothing to keep at school: underwear, pants, shirt and socks, shoes, sweatshirt. We will remind you to replenish them as needed, (shared clothing is no longer allowed).

5. Families of children who are in diapers or toilet training are asked to provide 4 full sets of clothes. Children who are toilet training must be wearing clothing that they can pull off and on easily by themselves.  Families are responsible for providing diapers, wipes, and any non-prescription ointment they wish used on their child. Families who supply cloth diapers must also provide a tightly covered container for storage of soiled diapers. The container must be emptied and sanitized at home before being returned to school.