Information About the Summer Program

Welcome to the Sharon Cooperative School Summer Program! We are happy to welcome you to our cozy community! We offer 4 classrooms divided by age.

For families coming just for the summer, which we love, children need to be 2.9 years old or older.

For the younger children, the Summer Program is a great way to start preschool in a smaller setting, fewer children and lots of fun outdoor play! It’s also a great place to meet new friends from other preschools and programs. We welcome children for the summer to come play with us!


Summer Program Information

The 2020 Summer Program will run Monday, July 6th to Friday, August 28th. The school is open from 7:20am to 5:45pm. Parents of full day students are asked to be here by 5:30 PM so we are able to close the school promptly at 5:45 PM. Half-day pick up is after lunch at 12:30 PM.

Weather dependent, we will all be outside between 7:20 and 10:00am and between 3:00 and 5:30pm every day.

Please remember that each child should come every day:

  • Dressed in a bathing suit and water shoes with play clothes on top.
  • In shoes with covered toes. No open-toed shoes or sandals are allowed due to safety concerns.
  • Already sun-screened at home with a hat. Be sure you signed the permission slip the first day for us to reapply sunscreen before afternoon playground time.
  • With a large reusable shopping bag which holds:
    • The lunchbox with several small choices including protein, fruit, vegetables and a snack/dessert
    • A clean change of clothes, and
    • A dry set of shoes and socks,
    • A beach towel and
    • A second bathing suit.
    • A reusable and filled water bottle
  • On the first day of the week, your child will need a zipped plastic bag with their sleeping things: a small yoga mat, light blanket and small pillow. The sleeping things will be sent home for washing on your child’s last day of the week.

Note: Reusable bags for sleeping things are available in the office for $5/each. Feel free to decorate them (duct tape, vinyl stickers, etc.) or put luggage tags on them to make it easy for your child to recognize their own bag. Please make sure everything inside is labeled with your child’s name.

Lunch and Snacks

The school provides morning snack every day and the menu will be posted in our classroom. Lunch for your child can include a protein/carb (sandwich, pasta, tuna salad, slice of pizza etc.), a small fruit, a couple of small, fun choices (Goldfish, a cookie, some crackers, cereal, etc.) and a drink. Please also include an afternoon snack clearly labeled. Please put an ice pack in the lunchbox and make sure everything is labeled with your child’s name. Also, due to allergies, there will be no strawberry or nut products allowed. (This includes artificially flavored items or items processed on machinery that has processed nuts).


A blog post with lots of pictures will be published each afternoon describing our morning and informing you of anything in particular that you need to know about your child and his or her day. Teachers will subscribe you to the classroom blog when you start school. There is also a Director’s blog that alerts you to school wide news. Abigail will subscribe you when you start school.

Please feel free to also use the classroom email to communicate with us throughout the summer. Your messages, questions, and comments are important, so we will check email every day during rest and respond to any questions or comments. We are also available by phone at 781-784-2966. The best time to call is between 12:30 and 1:30 PM while the children are resting. Conferences are always available – please just contact us if you would like to schedule one in person or on the phone.


Our school has an open door policy–you are invited to visit the classroom anytime, announced or unannounced. Mystery readers, special visitors to share a talent or hobby are always welcome. We are excited to have special enrichment programs scheduled each week throughout the summer. Watch your daily reports for details!


We look forward to a fun summer, full of fresh air, sun, sand and water, and lots of learning and fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.