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 Our Vision Statement

Through child-based learning, The Sharon Cooperative School aims for its children to become curious, thoughtful and active learners who think about the needs of others. By partnering with families, the school creates a strong community that transcends the preschool years and follows students and their families throughout the course of their lives. 

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Important dates 

Charlotte’s Web at The Wheelock Family Theater – April 30, 2017 3pm – open to all please email sharoncoop.org to reserve seats.

Cooperative Gala Night -May 6, 2017 for all alumni and current families

Visiting Days May 31 – June 2, 2017 for enrolled families

Family Picnic – Thursday, June 8, 2017 for enrolled families

Goodbye Party – Tuesday, June 20, 2017 for children going to Kindergarten



TRUCE: Play and Toy Guide

“Play is essential for children’s healthy development and learning. Children use play to try out new ideas, actively construct knowledge, learn new skills, and grow socially and emotionally.”

A great resource for families and educators:

One Tough Job


Important links:

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Families Learning and Growing Together

 Why preschool education is important

For Families from NAEYC 


The Sharon Cooperative School is accredited by NAEYC. 

Please see www.naeyc.org for details.

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School Contact Information

Sharon Cooperative School, Inc.

29 North Main Street, Sharon, MA 02067

Phone: 781-784-2966 – Fax: 781-784-2215

Director’s email: sharoncoop@me.com

Board of Directors email: SharonCoopBoard@gmail.com