The Sharon Cooperative School was founded over 40 years ago by Sharon residents Susan Markowitz and Pearl Falk.

Sharon residents, Susan Markowitz and Pearl Falk, founded The Sharon Cooperative Nursery School in 1976 for ages 2.9 - 5. They envisioned a place where parents could create a nurturing community of mutual learning not only for their preschool children but for themselves as well. This community of shared vision was bound together by the children first, but it also created a common bond among its families that was able to transcend the preschool years and follow families throughout the course of their lives. At that time it was a "cooperative" in all senses of the word, with parents serving on staff as classroom assistants and playing other key roles in the school's operations. Then, as now, the school's Board of Directors was comprised entirely of parents.

Over the years the school adapted to changing family structures, particularly the rise of the two income earning family and the increasing need for full day childcare. Under the tenure of former Executive Director Abigail Marsters, the Sharon Coop transitioned to a full day/full year model. However, its roots as a school steeped in family and community partnerships has remained strong and a vital part of our school's mission. Only current parents can be nominated to the school's Board of Directors, which plays a pivotal role in establishing school policies, managing its finances and fulfilling the vision of the school's founders to encourage parents be active participants in their children's preschool years.

In 2018 Abigail brought to fruition a long held vision: to open a nature school. In partnership with the Trustees of the Reservation, the Cooperative Nature School opened its doors on the beautiful site of Moose Hill Farm in Sharon on September 4, 2018. Together the two schools form the Cooperative Learning Community.

After serving the school for more than 25 years, Abigail moved on to new adventures and Gail Ader stepped into the role of Executive Director in 2021.

Our Vision

The Cooperative Learning Community aims for its children to become curious, thoughtful and active learners who think about the needs of others. By partnering with families, the school creates a strong community that transcends the preschool years and follows students and their families throughout the course of their lives.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit, early childhood organization that serves preschool children and families in two locations: the Sharon Cooperative School and the Cooperative Nature School; together these schools form the Cooperative Learning Community. We offer full time programming in unique environments that encourage child-driven experiences, growth and love of learning and community.