Learn what to expect for incoming families and new students.

Sharon cooperative school children drawing

Our hours are 7:30 to 4:30 or 5:30 (depending on schedule chosen) every day. Please drop your child off by 9 am.

Gear List Daily/Weekly/Seasonally

As you prepare for the first day of school, here are a few things your child will need: Please note that we included links below as suggestions. These are items that past families have found useful, but anything similar will work!

What to bring every day:

What to bring at the start of each week:

Each week, your child will need a short thin yoga mat along with a fleece blanket, a small pillow and one small stuffed animal. The thin yoga mats allow for easy manageability for children. Please enclose it in a zippered plastic or vinyl bag labeled with your child’s name. Ikea bags are available from the office for $5.

What to bring at the start of the school year:

At the start of each season, please pack 3 full sets of extra clothing to keep at school: underwear, pants, shirt and socks, shoes, sweatshirt. We will remind you to replenish them as needed.

What to bring if child is still toilet training:

Families of children who are in diapers or toilet training are asked to provide 4 full sets of clothes. Children who are toilet training must be wearing clothing that they can pull off and on easily by themselves. Families are responsible for providing diapers, wipes, and any non-prescription ointment they wish used on their child. Families who supply cloth diapers must also provide a tightly covered container for storage of soiled diapers. The container must be emptied and sanitized at home before being returned to school.

How to start the day:

Please arrive no later than 9 am. Later arrivals disrupt the day and may make it difficult for your child to transition smoothly into class. If you are running late, please let s know with a phone call or message on Parent Square.

EEC and NAEYC (our two regulating bodies) require children to wash their hands before entering the classroom. Please take care of this important task by stopping in the bathroom before bringing your child into the classroom. Please encourage your child to use the bathroom also.

What should I do if my child will be absent?

Please call the school or send us a message through Parent Square by 9 am if your child will not be in school. If we have not received notification from you by 9 am we will contact you to confirm your plans for your child.

What should I do if I am running late for pick up?

We ask that you make contingency plans in case you find yourself unable to pick up your child by your scheduled pick up time. Some Coop parents provide each other with back-up and/or turn to family members who could come to the school on short notice.

If you are unable to arrange for pick up of your child and you are running late, please call the school and give us your best estimate as to when you can arrive. A late pick up will incur a $25 fee and after 3 late pick ups the fee increases to $100 and you will be required to meet with the Executive Director to explain how you plan to avoid late pick ups in the future. Recurring late pick ups can result in termination if not resolved.

I anticipate that my child will cry at drop off - how will this be handled?

At the beginning of the school year, we expect some children to have a hard time letting go (sometimes parents do too!). We recommend that you take a few minutes to help your child settle into an activity then offer a quick hug and reassurance that that you will be back soon. If your child is still upset, a teacher will be ready to intervene and offer comfort and distraction until the child is ready to join the fun. You will be encouraged to leave even though we know leaving a child in tears is never easy. Have faith that our teachers are very experienced and use a variety of techniques to help children transition into the classroom. You can always call us during the day to see how your child is managing and don't forget to check out the daily blog - chances are you will see your child smiling and engaged.

And just a reminder, quick drop offs with consistent routines are always best. It helps the child understand what to expect and limits opportunities for stalling, clinging or protesting. Consistency is the key. After helping your child settle in, a simple "Daddy is going to give you a hug and a kiss and then wave to you from the window" will get you on your way and allow your child to start their day.

Still have questions? Email Tara Volpe at the Sharon Cooperative School.