Explore comments and testimonials from past family surveys

"A safe nurturing place that encourages individual growth through exploration and creative expression. Learning is made fun and independence is fostered. The focus on awareness of the needs of others and encouragement of individuality is fabulous. It’s all about community – Great!"

"I love that it is small enough that all the staff know all students. It truly feels like a community. All staff members are clearly committed to the school and it shows. They always treat children and parents with respect and care."

"All children are treated with respect and as true individuals, this program develops spirit and soul and teaches our children to move outward and sideways and not just forward."

"I like the program as is. It offers a well-balanced mix of parental opportunities and fantastic learning opportunities for children and parents."

I love how creative you are with the children and how you make them think “outside the box”.

- Past Family Member

"The school is a wonderful place for our children. I wish we could continue during kindergarten and after school programs. We have a real community!"

"The curriculum is fantastic. The variety is great – I love the projects and new knowledge my child brings home every day."

"I am in love with the teachers. I feel confident that I am surrounded by knowledgeable, caring, smart and educated teachers who care about my child and the program."

"My children have learned a tremendous amount while at school. The curriculum is exciting to them and provides lots of opportunities for individual growth. They have both gained independence and confidence while making friends. I have also noticed that my two children who have gone through the program have each taken experiences and made them their own. They are two different personalities each gaining his/her own experience from the same curriculum."