Learn how tuition is billed and paid.

Annual tuitions are for a 7:30 am - 4:30 pm or 7:30 - 5:30 schedule, 42 week school year (from 1st week of September - last week in June). They do not include summer sessions. Please see the Summer Program tab for summer tuition rates.

24-25 Yearly Tuition Rates:

5 Day Enrollment

4 Day Enrollment

3 Day Enrollment

7:30 -4:30








7:30 - 5:30




Tuition is charged monthly according to the schedule below.

Overview of Tuition and Fees

A one time registration fee of $50 (non-refundable) and 1st security deposit in the amount of one month's tuition are due upon acceptance to the school.

A late pick up fee is charged at $25 per 15-minute interval for the first 2 offenses. After that a fee of $100 per incident will be charged. Repeated late pick ups will require a meeting with the Executive Director to review policy and establish a plan to address the issue.

Limited financial aid is available to qualifying families. To learn more about our financial aid program or to apply, click here: Tuition Assistance

Refund Policy of Security Deposits: In case of voluntary withdrawal of your child after you have signed the enrollment agreement, the school requires 60 day's written notice. In this case, the first security deposit will be forfeited and the second will be refunded. With less than 60 days written notice, both security deposits will be forfeited. In the case of a child who leaves our program at the conclusion of an evaluation that results in a referral for educational services in an alternative setting, security deposits will be refunded in full.

The school year tuition is broken into 10 equal payments covering the 42 weeks the school is in session. All enrolled families must create an account on Kindertales and provide a payment method by ACH (bank draft), credit or debit card. Checks and cash are not accepted for monthly payments. Families who wish to pay their tuition in full before the start of the school year can pay by check and will not have to enroll in Kindertales.

Additional days are available as requested for $80. Switching days is not permitted.

Payment Schedule

Registration fee$50 due with signed enrollment agreement at acceptance to the program (one time fee)
Payment #1Due at acceptance to program (Jan- March)
Payment #2Due August 1st.
Payment #3Due September 1st.
Payment #4Due October 1st.
Payment #5Due November 1st.
Payment #6Due December 1st.
Payment #7Due January 1st.
Payment #8Due February 1st.
Payment #9Due March 1st.
Payment #10Due April 1st.