A summary of the results of our most recent family survey

I have seen so much growth in my child's confidence and independence since being here, and the teachers are just amazing, smart, and caring individuals. We feel so lucky to be part of this very special community.

- 87% of families "strongly agreed" that the program supports their child's growth, independence & learning and that their child is appreciated for their unique talents and interests.
- 92% of parents "strongly agreed" that their child's teachers were caring and qualified.
- 91% of families "strongly agreed" that communication between families, teachers and administration is timely and thorough.
-93% would "highly recommend" our program to other families.

In choosing our program, parents ranked the schools' reputations as the most important factor, followed by schedule considerations, curriculum, location, facilities and tuition.

We also got wonderful and valuable feedback in the comments section. Appreciation was shown for our teachers' and site coordinators' warmth, patience, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, among the many other attributes mentioned. I agree!

Some other trends that surfaced from the parent feedback comments:

Requests to reduce nap time. Although minimum nap times are established by our licensor, the Department of Early Education and Care, we want to make sure we are accommodating your child's needs, so please speak to your child's teacher with any questions or concerns.

More opportunities for parent involvement. This is great to hear! We are planning some changes for next year as to how and when we communicate opportunities for parent involvement and more ways to solicit your ideas - stay posted!

Continued special guests & visitors: We were thrilled to be able to welcome Eyes on Owls, Big Joe, Mini-Athletes, and Music With Sarah this year. Rest assured that more of this type of programming is in the works for next year.