Why choose Sharon Cooperative

We are Cooperative in Every Sense of the Word

Partnership – Families and educators form a team focused on the best interests of your child, meeting regularly during the year to set goals and assess the growth and development of your child. Daily communication between home and school fosters a strong and trusting partnership.

Cooperation – Families share their special interests and talents from music to firefighting in the classroom. They also serve on committees, boards and projects throughout the year that help run the school and also enhance its facilities, programming and future.

Community - Serving the families in Sharon and neighboring towns since 1976, our school has become an integral part of the fabric of this community. From food drives to community events and volunteerism, we live out our commitment to care about the needs of other and model for our students how this belief is turned into action.

Focus on Family

A Family-Centered Environment Where Your Child Will Thrive

We are a unique child-centered environment where all of the educators know all of the children. Small age-based classrooms with dedicated educators provide a balance of structured and free play activities where children can explore their own unique interests.


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