Welcome to The Sharon Cooperative School!

Keep in touch with us: On Facebook  and Here. On LinkedIn and Here. We are having a wonderful new school year full of learning and play! Interested in enrollment for Summer 2021 or the School Year 2021-22? Please apply now or contact Tara at Volpecoop@gmail.com for more information. Looking forward to adding your family to the Cooperative Community!


“I love how The Sharon Coop allows children to learn by exploring their own interests and fosters their unique strengths. I have seen tremendous growth in my son’s development and independence. I like that the program focuses primarily on the social and emotional development of our children. The program also encourages families to be an important part of their child’s education. My son has made many friendships and we have developed a support network with other Coop families.”

“The teachers clearly love all of the students and are incredibly committed to their education and learning experiences. My child has gotten much more independent, verbal, interested in reading, and curious since starting at The Coop.”

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For Families from NAEYC 


The Sharon Cooperative School is accredited by NAEYC. 

Please see www.naeyc.org for details.

School Contact Information

Sharon Cooperative School, Inc.

29 North Main Street, Sharon, MA 02067

Phone: 781-784-2966 – Fax: 781-784-2215

For information about the school, enrollment, programs, availability, and tours, please contact Abigail at sharoncoop@me.com

For fundraising, grants, and other fiduciary concerns, please contact the Board of Directors at: SharonCoopBoard@gmail.com