Our Educators


We are very pleased to introduce you to our Educators!

  • Abigail Marsters, Executive Director, Director II certified
Abigail Marsters has a degree in Art History from Smith College as well as graduate level courses in Early Childhood Education and Administration from The University of Wisconsin, Massasoit College and Bridgewater University.
Abigail’s professional experience includes 3 years of teaching adults basic skills (Math, English as a Second Language and Communication) for Temple University and 9 years of retail management in a $1.4M store. Her present experience of 20 years in this highly successful non-profit preschool includes all facets of management and oversight, including finances and website and social media management, and implementing a strategic plan process. Abigail’s specialties include implementing the goals, objectives and mission statement of a non-profit, with a positive, professional relationship with all stakeholders utilizing strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Abigail is also a creative and engaging Lead Teacher who can write and present developmentally appropriate curriculum and preschool activities as needed. Her five years of teaching before becoming a full time Director were a wonderful experience. She believes in the school’s Cooperative philosophy, which involves families as partners in the school community. Thinking About the Needs of Others is a standard her family has followed since 1991.
  • Tara Volpe, Floating Teacher, LTP certified
 Tara Volpe’s love of children started long before adulthood.  She has always been around children and knew at an early age she wanted to teach. For 7 years she worked as a Lead Assistant in a Family Daycare where the responsibilities included creating a loving, warm and fun environment, writing and presenting curriculum and fostering a family like atmosphere for infants to preschool aged children. Tara Volpe has a CDA (Child Development Associate) as well as has taken courses at Framingham State College and Massasoit Community College. Tara  keeps her class full of fun providing new and exciting experiences for all the children and families she works with.  Tara is a warm, energetic, caring, happy person who loves children and loves watching them grow.  The best part of the job is seeing the academic, social and emotional growth a child experiences in a school year.  She loves her job and truly believes it has made her into the person/ mother she is today.
  • Nicole DiGiorgio, Lead Teacher, LTP certified

Nicole DiGiorgio graduated from Colby-Sawyer College with a degree in child development. She did her student teaching in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms. She has worked as a preschool teacher in two different classrooms and is loving teaching five year olds in Room 10! Nicole enjoys supporting children’s curiosity and encouraging them to be creative. She loves dancing, making music and block building with children. Nicole enjoys listening to the children’s imaginative stories, watching them discover why their structure may have fallen over and observing their teamwork. In her free time she likes spending time with her younger brother and sister who are ten and twelve. She loves walking, doing Zumba and baking. Nicole is very excited to be a part of the Sharon Cooperative School and watch the children grow and learn throughout the school year.

  • Lisa Carstoiu, Lead Teacher, LTP certified

Lisa has a Master of Science in Human Development and a BA in Early Childhood from Wheelock College. She feels understanding a child is one of the first and most important things we can do to help them grow and achieve. Her experience with diverse learners, in public school programs and as a educator focused on process and play makes her an excellent addition to our staff. Lisa is working with Maddie Ford in Room 12. and the two are always coming up with something creative and fun to do! Lisa is lots of fun and brings an easy laugh and manner in working with 4-5 year olds. She has much to share with us and we look forward to learning with her!

  • Neha Jaipuria, Floating Teacher, TP certified

Neha Jaipuria has always been around children. Neha is from India and after her Bachelor’s Degree she got her certification in Childhood Education. She taught for a few years in India and then moved to Massachusetts with her family. Neha has taught since 2010 in preschools as a Lead Teacher and has loved the work with all the funny stories and energy that comes with it. Neha is a new resident to Sharon along with her husband, six year old son and 4 year old daughter. In her spare time she enjoys vacationing in New Hampshire and Martha’s Vineyard and spending time with her family. Neha says, “I am really excited to work at The Sharon Cooperative School and be a member of such a talented team!”

  • Barbara Simons, Lead Teacher, DII Certified 

Barbara is our Lead Teacher in Room 12. She is DII certified and has a BA from College of the Holy Cross and a Masters in Early Childhood and elementary Education from Adelphi University. She has been working with young children and in the field of early education since 1991. Barbara has worked in varying roles as Assistant Director, Director, Special Needs Coordinator, and she has worked in a Cooperative School in Newton. Her creativity and compassion are strengths and we look forward to her teaming with Lisa Carstoiu this year in Room 12.

  • Anna Kuo, Lead Teacher, TP Certified

Anna is our Lead Teacher in Room 14. Anna has been working with children for over 10 years and is working on her early education degree. She is excited to explore our Cooperative ways and thinks her love of children and creativity in working on different developmental levels will be perfect for Room 14. Anna is a big believer that children make there own version of whatever topic the class is discussing and enjoys teaching them new things. Anna also enjoys meeting and getting to know the families of the children she teaches. Anna shares that she was adopted from Russia along with her younger sister and her 3 older brothers (all biological) and that she has a 2 year old son and has been married for 2 years.

  • Lauren Bradley, Lead Teacher, DI Certified

Lauren is our Lead Teacher in Room 14 working alongside Anna. She lives in Canton MA and has a BS in Early Childhood Education from Mount Ida College. She has been in the ECE field for 2 years. In addition to teaching, Lauren also coaches competitive cheerleading year round, and have been doing so for eleven years. Her dedication and passion to teach and coach are augmented by an energetic, outgoing, and creative personality. Lauren believes that it is vital to foster the needs and interests of every child and to provide an open environment. Her teaching centers around the development of the whole child by helping to build a home-school connection and encouraging community connection, exploration and play. Knowing each child’s family, background, interests, dislikes, and experiences allows her to tailor her teaching style to bring out the best in each child and contribute to enriching a classroom dynamic.

  • Susan Jeffries, Lead Teacher, LTP Certified 

Susan is our Lead Teacher in Room 16 working with Jaimie and TaraSusan has over 25 years experience in the field of early childhood education including several years in Head Start and as a Special Education teacher. She has also been a toddler teacher and has worked with infants. Her degree from Wheelock College is in Special Education. Susan describes herself as an educator with an innate ability to understand and motivate children. She enjoys hands-on experiences and strives to build self-esteem while encouraging an understanding of cultural diversity, mutual respect and cooperation among all community members. She is skilled in adapting the classroom to children with diverse learning styles. 

  • Kaitlyn Jenkins, Floating teacher, DII Certified

Kaitlyn has always been passionate about teaching young children and has been working in the field of early education for 14 years. She graduated from Regis College with a BA in English and a concentration in Early Childhood Education. She has held various roles in early education centers throughout the years including Floater Teacher, Lead Preschool Teacher, and Assistant Director. She enjoys getting to know each child and their families and loves watching their curious minds develop. Kaitlyn also works as a waitress at a breakfast diner on the weekends and loves when children she has taught come to visit her. Kaitlyn is excited to now be part of the Sharon Cooperative community and to join such a committed and supportive group of educators.